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Consulting Activities

We provide you with services such as organizational arrangements , financial planning, interpreting, customs services, international trade, international transportation.

corporate consultancy , Kurumsal Danışmanlık,

Customs and Brokerage services

Turkey , Russia , Azerbaijan and European Union countries with the trade agreements you want to provide brokerage services.



It provides the requirements of your business within the framework of International Trade laws in your import and export transactions.



We produce fast and reliable solutions in the transportation methods required in domestic and International Product logistics.



Trade agreements in the light of international legal boards in the country where you will make agreements or trade will no longer attract foreigners.


Financial Advisory

Compliance with constantly changing trade standards is one of the most important positions of an enterprise. Businesses must also plan tomorrow when competition has a devastating impact.


As tarexpo, we are working to strengthen your business financially in competitive conditions that are constantly changing. We Are Preparing Your Company For The Future.

Are you ready for Industry 4.0 ?

The days have come when inter-machine communication determines the future of the data and the technology forces the limits of human intelligence.We believe that your company should be part of the fourth industrial revolution.


We prepare your company for a process that integrates Automation Technologies, communications and wireless information Integration for all management processes.

Do You Know The Pros Of Innovation For Your Company ?

With efficiency, supporting and destructive innovation , you should try to manage the internal business processes and to offer your customers the best product and to buy your product to the customer.


Tarexpo helps your sustainable growth by producing the right innovative solutions for your business and your products.