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International Trade

We are engaged in the International Trade of our import & export products, which are qualified in the market where our customers address them according to their demands. we strive to keep our customers ‘ satisfaction at the highest level by not compromising both service and quality within the framework of the relevant country and international trade laws.

Our product portfolio in international trade is gear , transmission , hydraulic cylinders, agricultural equipment , animal husbandry products, shaft, chain and food products.

All kinds of agricultural equipment transfer organs, milk milking systems , hydraulic cylinders and lifts of different sizes and sizes, a wide portfolio of Shaft And chain products from the unchanging parts of power transmission organs, we have a say in international trade with soil processing equipment.

Our Fields Of Activity In International Trade

  • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Equipment
  • Seed Saddle
  • Rotary Tillers
  • Meadow Harvesters
  • Harvesting Machines
  • Milk Milking Units
  • Products of Gear and Gearbox
    • Automotive Industry Gears
    • Agricultural Industry Gears
    • Agricultural Equipment transmissions

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Single Effective Cylinders
    • Double-Acting Cylinders
    • Special Cylinders
    • Hydraulic Lift Groups
  • Shaft and Chain
    • Agricultural Equipment Shafts
    • Automotive Group Shafts
    • Agricultural Equipment Transmission Chains

Agricultural Machinery

agricultural machines / tarım makinaları /

Gear and Gearbox

gear , gearbox , şanzıman , dişli ticareti

Hydraulic Cylinders

hydraulic cylinders , lift

Shaft and Chain

shaft / şaft / zincir